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Specific Responsibilities:


Planning, Implementation and Reporting:

  • Effective Planning, Implementation and Budget control of the democratization project.
  • Assist in developing relevant strategies to streamline processes.
  • Close communication and coordination with implementing partners.
  • Identification of partners, if necessary.
  • Developing Implementation Plans and Strategies for effective implementation.
  • Develop indicators and set benchmarks to track progress.
  • Conducting monitoring visits to the project sites.
  • Ensuring timely verification of information regularly.
  • Assist in expanding democratization projects in the region.


  • Writing quality reports like activity reports, training reports, consultancy reports, monitoring reports, progress reports, lessons learnt documentation, analysis reports, and project semi-annual, annual reports when required.
  • Keep /maintain record of project documents.


  • Represent organization/ project in various events.
  • Identify opportunities to network with other organizations that work on same notes and assist in creating linkages.
  • Identify opportunities to increase visibility of the project within and outside the organization.

Staff and partner management:

  • Coaching the assigned staff.
  • Counselling the assigned staff.
  • Building relations – two ways.
  • Staff development and progress.
  • Identification and control of human resource for the projects.

Communication and Coordination with:

  • Team members at all locations.
  • All relevant project participants
  • Partners.
  • Staff of different Projects and Programs.
  • Other organizations.
  • Coordinate with other Governmental or Non-Governmental organizations for projects/programs improvements.

Focal person for Internal audit and mainstreaming Q&A:

  • Developing corrective actions against findings.
  • Revise/add/remove forms and formats in consultation with team.
  • Take initiatives in mainstreaming Q&A in the project.
  • Being part of discussion processes aimed at enriching project / program / organizational activities. 


Job specifications:



  • For the post of a Senior Program Officer, graduate/master degree from university and 5 years’ relevant experience is considered necessary. Preference will be given to the person who has demonstrated experience in mobilizing and mentoring youth.



  • Senior Program Officer should be able to write and design excellent reports independently, conduct analysis and develop strategies for program development.
  • Good command of English & Urdu is essential.
  • The post requires frequent travel to execute project activities in various cities across Pakistan.
  • String interpersonal skills and experience with youth would be preferred.