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Sealed Proposals should clearly mark “Call for Proposal: Operational Research on Feasibility of Prevention+ Programme Model” and shared by 1700 Hrs December 10, 2017 via courier/By Hand at following address;

Admin & HR Officer

Hall B, 1st Floor, North side, 55B

Islamabad Stock Exchange Tower

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Ph: +92-51-2894181-84

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Term of References for Operational Research on Feasibility of Prevention+ Programme Model 

Commencement of study:  15 days started from 11th December to 31st December 2017

Deadline for the Submission of Proposal: 10th December 2017


Rutgers is implementing Prevention+ programme (2016-2020) in Pakistan with the long-term objective of the programme is to contribute to a gender just society, free of GBV, by transforming harmful social norms by engaging (young) men, transforming harmful social norms driving GBV at the individual/ relationship, community, and civil society level and ensure that these changes are firmly rooted in a supportive legal and policy framework

Followings are four result area of the programme:

  • Result Area 1: (Young) men and women have violence free and gender equal relationships
  • Result Area 2: Communities hold equitable gender norms and prevent GBV
  • Result Area 3: Public institutions & civil society organisations have institutionalised GTA and promote gender justice
  • Result Area 4: Enabling environment to sustain engagement of boys and men to prevent GBV and to support gender justice

Action Plan developed by Ministry of Human Rights: The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan obligates the state of Pakistan to protect and promote human rights of all its citizens without any discrimination. Furthermore, Pakistan being a responsible member of the international community honors its obligations. Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) has prepared a ACTION on the directives of the Prime Minister's Office. The Prime Minister of Pakistan approved a Plan of Action to further improve the human rights situation in Pakistan on 13th February, 2016

The Action Plan consists of the following six thematic areas with 16 expected outcomes and 60 actions on protection of human rights in Pakistan: (a) Thematic Area-I Policy and Legal Reforms (b) Thematic Area-II Implementing Key Human Rights Priorities (c) Thematic Area-III Cross cutting Interventions for Protection of Human Rights (d) Thematic Area-IV International/UN Treaty Implementation (e) Thematic Area-V Institutional Interventions (f) Thematic Area-VI Implementation and Monitoring Mechanism

Scope of the Study:

Operational research on feasibility of Prevention+ programme model (theory of change, approaches, strategies and interventions) and its compatibility with Government of Pakistan priorities (legislation, policies, programing, institutional arrangements, Action plans etc.) and recommendations for replication of the model at scale or otherwise in the light of the findings. 

The consultant is likely to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Carry out desk-review of all relevant programme documents of Prevention+ and Action Plan of MoHR
  2. Conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders
  3. Prepare and submit study report with findings and clear recommendations for replication of Prevention+ Model at scale or otherwise based on the finding of the report

Facilitation for the Consultant: Senior Programme Officer, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research will be the focal person for this assignment and will maintain close liaison with the selection of consultant for quality assurance.

  1. Inception meeting with the selected consultant for providing detailed insight of the project will be carried soon after the signing of the consultancy agreement.
  2. Providing all project related documents

Requested Documents:

The proposal must be supported with following documents:

1. Cover letter with relevant experience

2. Technical proposal including profile of firm/company or curriculum vitae in case of individual consultant

3. Financial proposal including break down of consultancy fee including all applicable taxes.

Payment Schedule: 30% advance payment will be made on signing of contract for the proposed assignment as first instalment. 30% will be paid on the receipt of 1st draft of the report. Remaining 40% will be payment after finalization and approval of the report.

Tax will be deducted as per laws of Government of Pakistan.

Expected Deliverables by the Consultant:

  1. All data (both primary & secondary) related to the study
  2. Final study report with clear recommendation in light of the findings.
  3. Electronic copy of final PowerPoint presentation on recommendations

The consultant applying for this assignment must have:

Essentials of the Consultant

  • Post graduate degree in Social Sciences, Health, Medicine, Gender Studies, International Development, Community Development or related field
  • At least 5 years’ experience in similar assignment
  • Must be familiar with the dynamics of Government of Pakistan and International Commitments regarding Human Rights
  • Extensive experience (at least 3 years) in Gender/Men Engage in humanitarian contexts in Asia and/or Pakistan;
  • Proficiency in English (Excellent writing skill is required)