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Job Description:

  1. Prepares, Compounds and dispenses drugs, and other pharmaceutical supplies.
  2. Trains and orientates the Pharmacists about SOPs and work instructions.
  3. Reviews written prescriptions for dose, Interactions, assures drugs are dispensed in appropriate     manner.
  4. Maintains Prescription, Antibiotics alerts, Floor stock requisition records, maintains Inventories, storage of drugs, Expiry controls.
  5. Maintains strict control over distribution and usage of controlled drugs, Narcotics and proper documentation
  6. Assists in training students, Interns, nursing staff, Technicians, Assistants.
  7. Checks batch #, Expiry date of drugs before dispensing, expiry checks on monthly basis and follow the SOPs.
  8. Performs regular daily assignments like temperature record, Critical Items lists and may be asked to perform some functions of supervisor and tasks as and when required.
  9. Supervises leave and attendance roaster.
  10. To be aware of SKMS services and packages.
  11. Any additional task assigned by management.