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Profile Summary:

Reporting to the Chief Engineer, the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring that the quality of work on the school sites is up to the required standards, as per contractual specifications.

Reporting and Supervision: This position will report to Chief Engineer

Location: Peshawar

Key Responsibilities:

Quality Assurance Report

  • Conduct a minimum of 2 School Quality Assurance Reports (QAR) per day, four days a week. 
  • The QARs will check the availability of the following documents on site and fitness for purpose:
    1. The QA Plan
    2. Health & Safety Plan
    3. Risk Mitigation Plan
    4. Baseline Construction Schedules
    5. Drawings
    6. Specifications/Contract Statement of Requirements
    7. Site Register
  • The QARs will check the QA Record including the following but not limited to:
    1. Source Approvals (Lime, Crush, Sand, Cement, Steel, Bricks et al)
    2. Concrete Job Mix Formula
    3. Empirical Bearing Capacity Test
    4. Material Approvals (Bitumen Membrane, Paint, Electrical, Plumbing Fixtures, Doors & Windows etc.)
    5. Rebar/Formwork Approval Forms
    6. Concrete Test Results
    7. Concrete & Rebar Testing Methodology/Approach (Lab, Storage and Transportation)
    8. Availability of Field Testing Equipment (sieves, slump cone, cubes, cylinders etc.)
  • The QARs will verify the MIS Entries reflect the current status of the construction on site in the following ways:
  • Check that the Scope of Work (as stated in the MIS SOR) matches the actual work taking place on site.
  • By verifying that the physical progress as stated in the MIS matches the actual progress on site.
  • Ensuring through the checking of MIS Entries that any issues (NCRs, Failed Inspections or delay related Re-inspections) are being documented accurately and resolved in a timely manner.
  • By checking that the requisite number of mandatory inspections are being conducted (as per the MIS), that ALL inspections are being done with a Contractor Representative on site and that required details are mentioned:
    1. The Inspection is being entered under the right inspection milestone.
    2. The Name of the Contractor Representative is listed.
    3. The Observations on Site are accurately documented with supporting photographic evidence.
    4. The Issues arising out of the inspection are clearly identified.
    5. That ALL Instructions given to the Contractor Rep are documented.
    6. That timeline for resolution of the issues is clearly mentioned.
  • The QARs will check the status of the Interim Accounts to match the milestones achieved on site.  This will be done in the following manner: 
    1. Ensure that the Interim Account Milestone matches the physical milestone progress on site.
    2. Ensure that the contract values entered in the MIS incorporate recently signed VOs.
    3. Ensure that the covered area of the blocks entered in the MIS is accurate.
    4. Random checks on the quantities of the final accounts.

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • The QA Engineers will mentor District Teams to prepare for the TPV Audits and then accompany the TPV Team during their visits.
  • The QA Engineers will recommend and conduct technical training for the District Engineers, Contractors Teams and Management Staff as required.
  • Perform any other task assigned by supervisor.

Minimum Experience Required

  • Understanding and experience of implementing procedures and ensuring teams are compliant with these procedures
  • Previous work in construction of social infrastructure, such as schools, sanitation facilities, community centers, etc.
  • Understanding of field tests, threshold, workmanship and document requirements etc. for construction projects
  • Understanding and experience of implementing procedures and ensuring teams are compliant with these procedures

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge Required

  • A relevant BSc in Civil Engineering;
  • Registration with PEC
  • Written and spoken English as well as local language(s);
  • IT Literacy: able to use M’soft Word, Powerpoint and Excel at an intermediate level plus knowledge of Smartphone / tablet applications;
  • Knowledge of surveying is an advantage
  • ISO certification would be preferred

 Note: Shortlisting can be done anytime before the deadline of the advertisement.