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Schedule 2: Terms of Reference for Supporting the Development of Reporting Templates

Duration: 30 days of input over a period of 3 months


The Market Development Facility (MDF) – supported by the Australian Government and implemented by Palladium – is a multi-country facility that invests in innovative businesses to stimulate economic growth in a number of countries across the Asia Pacific region with the aim to:

  • Create additional employment and income earning opportunities for poor women and men through broad-based and sustainable pro-poor growth.
  • Make rural and urban sectors of the economy in which the poor are involved as producers and workers more competitive and make them grow.
  • Trigger lasting 'systemic' changes in the markets systems around these sectors to reduce constraints to growth and to increase their capacity to innovate and deal with competitive, regulatory, social and environmental pressures, so that the benefits for the poor will sustain and expand in time.

MDF is currently operational in Fiji, Timor-Leste, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. In all countries the MDF programme operates across a range of strategic engagement areas through partnerships with strategic private sector players to create commercially sustainable innovations or business models and trigger systemic change.

The approach with which MDF works with requires a flexible implementation process, responding to opportunities as they arise. Hence there is a continuous process of critical sector, market and business analysis to indicate potential avenues of the Facility’s engagement and justification for partnership. Results measurement is an integral part of the implementation and management process in MDF that helps guide existing and potential partnerships that is evidence-based. Alongside critical analysis for management decision making, the findings are collated or aggregate across all countries for reporting purposes that also acts as a snapshot to reflect on each country portfolio’s performance over a period of time. MDF is currently working to streamline the aggregation system and is seeking for a short-term consultant to support the finalisation of the template pertaining to design of the necessary spreadsheets.


The objective of this Terms of Reference is to engage a consultant for developing an excel based reporting template based on the design and guidance provided by MDF team. This would require checking workbooks, developing macros (if required), linking sheets, checking errors for the final template and support in developing a dashboard for reporting.


The consultant will work closely with the MDF RM team to provide technical support in the following manner:

  • Based on the design of the reporting system as decided by MDF, determine the excel based changes required to the current templates;
  • Work closely with the MDF RM team to create the templates, ensure links, run tests to ensure the system is running smoothly, and troubleshoot errors.
  • (If required) support in transferring data from the old templates to the new template for all countries.

Technical Direction

MDF will be primarily responsible for designing the system and the consultant is expected to ensure that the excel based reporting platform incorporates all the necessary changes. The consultant is expected to provide a progress update at the end of each week with the MDF team to ensure that the activity is on track. The consultant is expected to troubleshoot any errors that may arise through test runs of the templates.


  • Submission of the new Intervention Guide template, the new Country Level Aggregation Sheet Template, and the new Facility Wide Aggregation Sheet Template;
  • Submission of all original Intervention Guides in the new format.

All data and relevant documents should be submitted within a reasonable time frame specified by MDF.