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Job Description:

The Leadership Academy Facilitator under the supervision of Gateway Project Manager assesses students’ development needs and delivers Leadership Academy modules through interactive sessions and activities. Ensures implementation of Leadership Academy curriculum by developing sessions and teaching materials. Develops pre-, formative and summative assessments to evaluate effectiveness of sessions and collaborates with the Manager to refine lessons.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

 Duty 1: Leadership  Training

•     Use knowledge and understanding of best practices in leadership development, to

implement Leadership Academy sessions.

·         Plan and facilitate student sessions using engagement strategies to make content

comprehensible to all learners.

·           Track and resolve issues systematically in a timely and efficient manner while

making adjustments as needed.

·         Create and implement a system to track student progress.

Duty 2: Administration

·         Support the PM in design and implementation of Life Skills curriculum.

·         Assesses the students’ leadership needs.

·         Support Maintain all the relevant records such as assessment, enrollment, attendance,

      Reports, students’ work, pictures and material purchase records.

·         Submit quarterly reports to the Project Manager

·         Support the manager in tracking expenses and budget.

Duty 3:Monitoring and support

·         Use multiple measures, including performance based assessments to evaluate student

      progress toward learning objectives.

·          Systematically track pre, formative and summative assessments for each training


Duty 4: Professional Development

·         Commitment to continuous improvement through developing professional knowledge

and skills.

·         Attends in house or external trainings with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Duty 5: Graduate Internship and scholarship

·         Support in finding and disseminating internship and/or scholarship information among    

      DIL graduates.

·         Help students in preparing scholarship applications and arrange preparatory sessions

      as and where needed.

·        Support PM in tracking graduates related information and help compiling it for further


Duty 6: Aahang trainings

·         Coordinate with Aahang team for conducting trainings with DIL schools keeping a  

      track of the activities.

·         Keep the ICT/RRP project team informed about these trainings and activities.