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Job Description:

Pakistan has not been able to achieve the key health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). DFID Pakistan (DFIDP) therefore is focusing on reproductive, maternal, new-born and child health (RMNCH) including nutrition to support and enhance effective implementation of health sector strategies that will lead to achievement of the health MDGs. DFIDP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Pakistan on a/the Provincial Health and Nutrition Programme (PHNP) to achieve RMNCH and nutrition results in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces over four years (2013 to 2017). EVA is a four year project, primarily focussed on the ‘demand side’ of RMNCH services and will complement the ‘supply side’ activities under the broader PHNP framework through:

  • Enhancing Communities’ understanding of their health rights, entitlements and engagement in monitoring the planning and delivery of services
  • Organising communities at all levels to catalyse the precipitation of desired policy changes at the local, provincial and national level


Citizens face issues while they seek care from health facilities. These issues may include denial of services, disrespect, abuse, overcharging, poor quality, violence, delays etc that fundamentally reflect the denial of the rights of patients while they seek health care. Such issues have also been pointed out by communities in different forums of voice raising that have been organized by EVA-BHN.

Health Care Commission (KP) is a key institution that has a mandate to regularize the health services provision in KP. Currently it is in its formative phase and has recently finalized its operational procedures. EVA and HCC teams have discussed the need for having a Patients’ Rights Charter (PRC) for KP that can serve to safeguard the rights of patients while they seek health care services and have agreed to collaborate on this.

In earlier phase the Patients Rights Charter has been developed and disseminated to provincial stakeholders whereby different stakeholders including Department of Health expressed their support to roll out the Charter. Following that it is important that HCC undertakes a strategic planning exercise that provides a roadmap to HCC for implementing the Charter along with other activities within the mandate of HCC. These TORs relate to the consultant that will develop the HCC KP strategic plan amalgamating the Charter rolling out.   

Objectives and Scope of Work:

The objective of the assignment is to develop KP HCC strategic plan that will address the inclusion of PRC in the planning of HCC. The key tasks to be undertaken in this regard will include:

  1. Detailed requirement analysis through meetings with HCC and EVA
  2. Situation assessment through research including primary and secondary data collection and analysis
  3. Conduct a Strategy Development Workshop
  4. Drafting the strategic plan and incorporation of feedback and finalization


  • KP HCC strategic plan
  • Workshop report
  • Research report

The consultant will have to work in close collaboration with Health Care Commission KP.

Level of Effort (LOE):

This is a 20 person days’ assignment with the following breakdown of Level of Efforts: 





Detailed requirement analysis through meetings with HCC and EVA



Situation assessment through research including primary and secondary data collection and analysis



Conduct a Strategy Development Workshop



Drafting the strategic plan




  • Masters or above in management sciences and/or related disciplines
  • Minimum of 5 years proven experience in organizations’ strategic planning
  • Work experience with the development sector will be a plus
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English both in verbal and written formats
  • Computer savvy especially with expert level skills in MS Office and some knowledge of a data analysis software other than Excel