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DFID Food Fortification Programme (FFP)

Terms of Reference

Third Party Laboratory for testing of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee



In order to combat micronutrient malnutrition in Pakistan, a five-year programme funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) has been started that includes the fortification of wheat flour and edible oil/ghee. The programme has a rollout plan which gradually will cover all wheat flour and edible oil/ghee mills in Pakistan. The programme is being implemented by the Micronutrient Initiative and Mott MacDonald in collaboration with key government departments at National and Provincial level and with industry associations, namely the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) and Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (PVMA).  The programme will provide support to industry to adequately fortify wheat flour and edible oil/ghee in Pakistan, provide advice to the Government to improve the food fortification regulatory system, help raise consumer awareness of the fortified foods and conduct research to generate evidence for formulation of relevant policies to combat micronutrient deficiencies in Pakistan.  

Objective of the Assignment:

The Food Fortification Programme (FFP) intends to provide result based incentives to mills to promote internal quality assurance and quality control practices during the production and supply of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee. The objective of this assignment is to provide services to the programme as an independent/third party sample testing facility.   

Responsibilities/Tasks to be accomplished:

The specific tasks and responsibilities for third party laboratory will include the following:

  1. Develop a mechanism to receive samples dispatched by Food Fortification Officers and other monitors from production, market and household levels.
  2. Perform quantitative test for Iron in wheat flour and Vitamin A in edible oil/ghee samples within three days of receiving the sample using equipment and procedures for testing agreed with the FFP. The laboratory would be required to describe the equipment and procedure used for test.
  3. Notify result of the wheat flour and edible oil/ghee samples to National and Provincial Food Fortification Managers through email soon after the testing of the sample;
  4. Record data for samples received, tested and stored in the Management Information System of FFP.    
  5. Propose a mechanism for cross validation of test results at a reference laboratory.
  6. Act as resource center for capacity building of laboratories working in public and private sector with the assistance of Food Fortification Programme.  
  7. Nominate focal point for day to day reporting and communication with Food Fortification Programme.   
  8. Store samples for a minimum period of two months from the date of analysis by developing an adequate tracking system.

Expected Number of Tests:


Sr. No


Year -1

Year -2



Number of iron tests of the wheat flour samples





Number of vitamin A tests of the oil/ghee samples






  1. Operational Modalities and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of receiving, testing and storing samples mutually agreed with FFP.
  2. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly reports of the samples collected, tested and stored.
  3. Capacity building activity report as and when laboratory is engaged for such activities. 


The operational timelines will start from the date of signing of the contract. The initial contract will be for two years which may be extended based on the satisfactory performance.


  1. The laboratory must be an independent private sector or autonomous organization.
  2. Preference will be given to laboratories accredited for testing Iron in wheat flour and Vitamin A in edible oil/ghee.
    1. It should have data entry and reporting expertise particularly in using the management information system
    2. In order to prevent any conflict of interest, laboratories operating in Public Sector as regulatory bodies or engaged in their own business of wheat flour and edible oil ghee milling are not be eligible to apply. 

How to submit the proposal?

The technical proposal including approach and methodology to undertake all the task mentioned in the TORs along with two references and financial proposal containing a breakdown of the proposed budget line items should be submitted at latest by

April 28, 2017 (Friday), 5:00PM along with the following supporting documents.


1-    Accreditation certificate

2-    List of key customers/clients served during the last two years

3-    Certificate of registration

4-    Proof of the laboratory capacity to undertake the assignment and handle the workload

Organogram and number of employees