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DAI is an employee-owned global development company. For 40 years, we have worked on the frontlines of international development, tackling fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governments, and instability. Currently, DAI is delivering results that matter in some 60 countries. Our integrated development solutions turn ideas into impact by bringing together fresh combinations of expertise and innovation across multiple disciplines—crisis mitigation and stability operations, democratic governance and public sector management, agriculture and agribusiness, private sector development and financial services, economics and trade, HIV/AIDS and disease control, water and natural resources management, and energy and climate change. Our clients include international development agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations and philanthropies, and national governments.

About the Programme

AAWAZ is a five-year voice and accountability programme with a particular focus on gender that began on 21 May 2012. After a 9-month inception period, the programme enters the full scale implementation phase and expands its work in 45 districts across Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa aiming to reach up to 7000 villages and urban settlements. It is funded by UK Aid through DFID, managed by Development Alternative Inc. (DAI) and implemented by Aurat Foundation, SPO, SAP-PK, SDPI and Sungi with the help of other resource partners, academic institutions, civil society networks and community groups. Its primary aim is to strengthen democratic processes in Pakistan by making them open, inclusive and accountable to citizens by investing in civil society. Its primary components are:

  •  Gender: focusing on enhanced political participation of women and their participation in larger public life without fear of any gender-based violence;
  • Conflict resolution: by striving to attain social harmony within and across communities through addressing tribal, familial, sectarian, ethnic, faith-based or any other kinds of conflicts and disputes;
  • Citizens engagement: in order to achieve better public service delivery by promoting active and informed participation of citizens and their organised groups, particularly in the areas of health and education at the basic level; and,
  • PARR: the fourth and overarching component of AAWAZ is policy, advocacy, research and results (PARR) facility to synthesise information and findings and build robust empirical data base on community voice and empowerment, social change, policy influence and government reform.

 Objectives of the role:

 The Deputy Team Leader (DTL) Operations will support the Team Leader (TL) in all operational aspects of AAWAZ programme management, focusing mainly on managing the programme cycle and ensuring that AAWAZ reporting and financial obligations are in line with the overall AAWAZ budgets and costed work plans. S/he she will work closely with the Team Leader and DTL Programmes to provide overall direction and management to the AAWAZ finance, operations and partnerships teams.

Length of the project:

1 year

Start Date:

May/June 2013

 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Implementation of and adherence to AAWAZ specific financial and operational processes throughout the MO and partner organisations using DAI/E best practice guidelines and in line with DFID rules;
  • Ensure that finances are aligned with the results and risks are taken into account;
  • Ensure that appropriate controls are in place at all levels to take DFID’s anti-corruption and transparency agenda forward;
  • Play a key oversight and due diligence role in the preparation of all partner organizations and MO budgets and financial projections and subsequently their compliance;
  • Oversight of programme staff in completing timely activity budgets and work plans, as well as quality assuring and regularly updating of both when required;
  • Monitor expenditure against results and forecasts; highlight any risks in advance, ensure that mitigation strategies are in place and timely actions are taken accordingly;
  • Oversight and quality assurance of procurement plans and ensuring timeliness of procurement processes are followed;
  • Analysis of operational training/capacity building requirements in partner organisations and MO and ensure that a comprehensive plan is in place to address these requirements;
  • All stakeholder management and communications regarding financial management and operations with both partners and DFID;
  • Direct supervision of the managers of Finance and Operations, and Partner Agreements and Compliance, and be responsible for the teams working under these managers including security, logistics, HR, etc.
  • Serving as the Team Leader’s advisor and a focal point on all contractual and financial matters with DFID, Partners, Subcontractors, Vendors, etc. and provision of guidance on all operational matters;
  • Direct supervision of any audits, including those required by DAI and DFID;
  • Jointly with the DTL-Programmes, ensuring  regular drafting and compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports, as indicated by the Team Leader;
  • Jointly with the DTL Programmes, updating and reporting on Value for Money and due diligence requirements in accordance with DFID guidelines;
  • Support the TL in the provision of timely and accurate reporting to DFID on all operational areas;
  • Represent DAI/AAWAZ – along with the TL (or in his absence) – at Client meetings and otherwise as needed;
  • Work with DAI Head Office on contractual, personnel, and budget issues; and,
  • Perform any other tasks as required by the TL.

 Key Skills & Qualifications:

  •  A minimum 12 years of relevant experience in international development projects, with at least 5 years in senior management positions;
  • Experience of managing and being held accountable for effective spending of multi-million budgets;
  • A strong background in corporate governance issues, personnel management and organizational risk mitigation;
  • Experience in managing international/ national teams from diverse cultural backgrounds;
  • Programme/Operational strategy development experience, including work planning, and activity budgeting;
  • Demonstrated excellent report writing skills in English;
  • A good team player with strong interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Cultural understanding and awareness of working in Pakistan or a similar country context;
  • Excellence in managing people and complex operations;
  • Acumen in setting strategy and tactics;
  • Ability to develop and maintain senior level relationships;
  • Experience of work on Governance, Accountability and Gender programmes is preferable.


A relevant postgraduate degree in advanced financial management or an equivalent qualification and training in a related field; 

 How to apply:

Please apply via the following link

Deadline for Applications:

1st April 2013